About Us

Keeping wisdom and tradition alive

The Four directions peoples society promotes a life of ceremony in connection with Spirit.

Why do we do it?

We’re doing this to undo the separation.

That means living the connection with myself and Spirit again. We do this for unconditional love.

This is where our trainers introduce themselves, who hold ceremonies and workshops on behalf of the 4 directions peoples society.

Our family from US.


Tunkashilas prayer

Tunkashila, as I do this, I will not say anything equal to or superior to you.

I remember all the winged creatures and all those who fly above the clouds, in and under the clouds.

I remember everything that floats on the water, in the water and in the depths of the water.

I remember all those crawling on and in the earth.

I remember the four-legged and the two-legged living on earth.

I remember the many different fruit trees and trees, the many different bushes and shrubs, the many different flowers and grasses. To the Pejuta / medicine that grows on and in the earth.

You brought all these things together for us to pray to. You gave us the Canupa so that we can do this, so that we can all live in health and happiness and growth.