Can Zapta is Lakota and means “five sticks” or “five sticks”. The name of this ceremony refers to five sticks that are placed on the altar. In the Can Zapta Ceremony, information is received from the Spirits after the sponsor of the ceremony, The One or The One Who Wants to Know asks a question. The question is put directly to the Spirits.

The ceremonial leader and thus also the one to whom the spirits give the answer to the question communicates this to the questioner. The content of such a question can basically be anything. In general, the question has a deep meaning for the questioner and a strong need for an answer. For example, people who are ill ask about the possibilities of their healing. People who have difficult decisions to make or who are on a threshold in their life and do not know how to proceed ask for help and answers. Contact with the spirits is felt by all present during this ceremony, as the spirits manifest themselves in the form of lights and other forms.

The quality and intensity of the contact is often part of the answer for the people who ask a question. There are no prerequisites to attend this ceremony. However, we ask everyone who wants to participate to have an open heart and an open mind.

Anyone who wants to ask a question can get help with the preparations they need to make.