Sweat lodge helper education


In this training, the participants will learn in theory and practice how to responsibly infuse, i.e. lead, sweat lodge ceremonies. We impart our knowledge of the sweat lodge according to the tradition of a Lakota family – the Chipps. They have a long line of medicine men, and their traditions stretch back to Woptura, Crazy Horse’s medicine man. This tradition includes a specific sequence of the sweat lodge ceremony, which we want to convey and pass on in our training. We would like to point out that this process is based on a deep understanding of the ceremony, which the participants adhere to. In this way we want to ensure that this tradition is conveyed in a coherent framework and that the participants are introduced to the implementation of a sweat lodge ceremony in a clear way.

process and structure

In parts 1 and 2 of the training you will be given the basic knowledge about pouring water into a sweat lodge. At the latest after the end of the 2nd workshop you will learn step by step how to pour water yourself, i.e. you build your own sweat lodge or use one of our huts in Wieckenberg or Lokfeld. At the beginning you will go to the sweat lodge alone and exchange and discuss your experiences with us. When you have gained security, you will also let friends and relatives share in it. You should be doing at least one sweat lodge a month. After the 3rd part of the training you have 6 months – in exceptional cases also 1 year – to take your exam. If you pass the exam, we will certify that you can hold sweat lodge ceremonies independently and responsibly in the way we teach. Once or twice a year there will be a meeting with all sweat lodge helpers to exchange ideas and for supervision. It is very helpful and important for a deeper understanding to also take part in a Canupa workshop during the course of your training.

Part 1 (3 days)

Prerequisite – open to all interested parties

The basics

An introduction to the Lakota worldview

Insights into being a helper – that means:

– Experience the preparation and process of a sweat lodge

– Basics of building a sweat lodge and building one

– Building a sweat lodge fire as a fireman, guarding it, working as a doorkeeper

– Significance of Fire, Stones/Grandfathers of the Altar

– An understanding of the first songs – process, meaning/translation, effect

– Learn first songs

Goal – An understanding of the basics, first experiences

Part 2 (3 days)

Prerequisite – all interested parties open, if possible you should of course have already taken part in part 1, otherwise part 1 can be made up for at a later date.

– Basic knowledge of: The Medicine Wheel / The Four Winds / The Four Elements

– Experience and understand the process of a sweat lodge and learn to pour on the experience yourself, in a protected setting with our guide

– Understand the connection between the self, the community and the sweat lodge

– Deepen the understanding of other songs – process, meaning / translation, effect

Part 3 (5 days)

Prerequisite – open and for those who want to learn how to lead a SW, have participated in part 1 + 2 and who have done their homework. Guests to the sweat lodges are welcome.

– Deepen experience in the sweat lodge ceremony, expand knowledge

– Learn to accompany people in a sweat lodge

– Take a small exam, where the knowledge of the songs, as well as the basic knowledge, are tested

– Vision Quest 1 night

Part 4 (1 day)


The exam consists of two parts. During the oral part we will ask whether you have understood and internalized the content. You will then hold a sweat lodge under “real” conditions.


You have a deep understanding of the ceremony.

You can manage sweat lodge independently in a simple way.

You can help and accompany people with our help and supervision.


This training can give you the information you need and show you the steps you need to take. It is then up to you to take these steps and gain the necessary experience. We’re happy to support you, but we can’t do the things for you, learn the songs, sweat lodge, pray.


Management: Tobias Heinrich, Jens Hofmann and team

Location: An der alten Wietze 7

29323 Wietze (Wieckenberg)

Next education to follow