Tobias Heinrichs

Born in 1959, is married and the father of five children. Tobias lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home of the Lakota Sioux, for 8 years. He was adopted by the Chipps (Woptura) family, who are in a line of medicine men. There Tobias got to know the culture, traditions and healing ceremonies of the Lakota and especially this family. He was instructed in these ceremonies for years and was commissioned by his mentor to carry them to Germany.

Tobias has been working with these ceremonies since the year 2000, helping people both on their personal path and in communities and passing on his knowledge. He organizes sweat lodges, brings people on a vision quest and organizes individual healing ceremonies. Once a year Tobias organizes a stone dance (similar to the sun dance) where numerous people come together to spend an intensive time of community, introspection and prayer.

Tobias has a vision that in these times it is important to share these teachings. He trains people who will be able to independently conduct sweat lodge and canupa ceremonies in their communities.

He is also active in an advisory capacity and works with the elements of TA analysis, systemic family therapy, imago couple dialogue and The Work.


Why The Work?

I say thank you to Byron Katie for bringing The Work to us and to so many people.

The Work is an excellent tool for reflecting on, examining, and ultimately resolving stressful thoughts.

We have practiced it many times ourselves and have experienced how the previously stressed mind immediately calms down, relaxes and the soul finds peace.

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