Vision quest


The vision quest is a cultural element that exists among various tribes and peoples around the globe. It is a time of intensive introspection and search for knowledge in deep contact with the spiritual world in order to create initiations and transitions. The vision quest is a transformative experience and an intense way to get to know yourself. On this journey you move through layers of personality that people rarely, if at all, touch in everyday life due to the many distractions.

The type of vision quest we pass on is a ceremony passed down to us by the Chips family (Oglala-Lakota) and traced back to Crazy Horse medicine man Woptucha.

The calling:

The Lakota word for vision quest is “Hemblecia” which means “to cry for a dream”. This is exactly what you do when you go on a vision quest. A person seeking a dream, an answer, or clarity needs to feel this need clearly. Heartfelt prayers are answered. You get answers to your questions and understand things in a deep way. Often people feel an inner need to get answers or clarity before they decide to embark on a vision quest. At first, this inner voice may be quieter and become louder over time. Everyone has their own speed in this process, because it is based on natural growth. That’s good!

The process:

When a person decides to go on a vision quest, there are many things that need to be prepared. The preparations are an important part, with questions and topics becoming increasingly clear and to the point. The stronger the focus during the preparations, the more fruitful the vision quest experience will be. Many of the preparations relate to items needed for the altar. This altar surrounds a person in vision quest and concentrates the power around him. Of course there are also vision quests without an altar. However, the altar is a gateway to the spirit world and enables an exchange and communication with the invisible forces of creation in a special way.

Finally, man goes alone into nature with his altar to meet himself and the forces of creation. People often have questions or certain topics in their lives that they want to get clarification on. For this purpose, a place is selected where the person will spend up to four nights alone. During this time, she will refrain from eating, drinking, and most things that are familiar to her.

The invitation:

When someone comes to us to go on a vision quest, we guide them through the entire process of preparation, the vision quest itself, and the follow-up.

A vision quest can be done either locally in Wieckenberg or at one of our organized vision quest camps.

According to the calendar, it is possible during the period when the deciduous trees bear their leaves, i.e. from around April to October – but not in winter.

A vision quest requires intensive preparation, so if you are interested we ask you to send us a message in good time.

Our vision quest-camp in sweden runs from 13.-24.07.23.